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Male Life Drawing & Naked Butler

Life Drawing Classes provides a real challenge for your hen party. Learning a new skill with all your girlfriends.

Yes he will be completely naked - lots of giggles but the real test is to capture the complete male form.

After a few hours tuition from us you will want to keep your charming model with you to help serve drinks & nibbles..

Why not add a buff naked butler to your booking ~

Buff Butler Experience..

After your afternoon session why not relax in a unique way, with your own buff butler or naked butler for all your hen parties ~

Rules of Hen party

1) All men must be totally naked.

2) All women must be clothed.

3) All men must be absolutely polite to all women.

4) Men may not touch the women, but women may touch the men.

5) Drunkenness is allowed.

6) Women must be smartly dressed and men must be clean. Here are some typical.

Men are only allowed to a Hen parties when it’s fully established that they are to adhere to the above rules. Is it compulsory for all men to be entirely naked. Yes.

As a woman I feel I might be uncomfortable amongst naked men.

Only for the first few minutes and then you’ll realize it’s just a normal party.

Absolutely not in fact the whole point of Hen parties is for women to be un-hassled and comfortable. Are hen parties singles or couples? We allow lesian couples and both single or married females to all our events.

Yes it is unfair. If you want things fair or male dominant there are other areas that cater for that but Hen Parties is not meant to be fair.

I’m a woman who likes the idea of fun and giggles at Hen Parties but not interested in dominance so can I still go to a CFNM party? Yes. I’m not a beautiful woman. Does it matter? Not at all.

Most women who attend are not models and many are over age 50.

What if our model gets an erection? If it offends any women he will be asked to leave the room but this is rare as most women are unbothered by this at hen parties.

Are all the male models attractive? yes we only pick the best charming very fit models.

Do you supply female models as well? We can but these are very difficult to book, unless you know any females willing model at our Parties.



Feedback from our Hens:-

Naked Butler Hen Party: Karen

This was the highlight of the bachelorette trip!!! The gentleman was so entertaining, friendly and so Gorgeous! I Found this service after looking online for hen party activities in all areas in which we were planning our hen party.

It came up much cheaper than other companies and instantly sounded like a great idea for the brides delight. They may not be listed on every cottage webpage but they are much cheaper.

He texts me on arrival so to not ruin the surprise. We all had such an amazing evening; the bride was totally surprised and thrilled, and he was so lovely and did not mind us asking him to help with everything even after the time was ended! One of the girls arrived late and he did not mind entertaining her again.

I completely recommend this for all Hen parties and look forward to using this service again.


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